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Precision Mapping Streets and Traveler v8.1

Covers USA and Canada. Streets and Traveler is a complete mapping tool and gives you absolute control over the map presentation, it provides drawing/editing, layer control, and door to door routing capabilities. Quickly and easily create your perfect map for business or pleasure.  Find Points of Interest near any street address, print maps and directions to give your friends and associates, overlay weather cloud cover bitmaps, and much more...


Based on Dynamap/Transportation Data From Tele Atlas
The data a map program uses is the most important part of the application. Precision Mapping Streets and Traveler v8.1 uses Premium Data from Tele Atlas, with coverage for the entire United States and Canada. (Early versions of Precision Mapping used Tiger Data (from the US Census) which lacked the quality and coverage of the premium data supplied from Tele Atlas.. Streets and Traveler now also includes one-way street indicators and exit ramp identification.

Starting with Version 8.x, in addition to the high quality map data, the new version comes with an integrated Points of Interest (POI) data set, with restaurants, service stations, hotels, medical facilities, banks, and millions of other useful locations. You can selectively display these POIs on the map, search for them, use them as destination points in routing calculations, and more...

RoadBuilder - Updating that Keeps Databases Current
Traveler is one of the few trip planning program that features Roadbuilder which lets you easily add new streets or extend existing roads. Once new roads are added, you can define them according to the type of traffic they handle, such as trails, routes, interstates, etc. You can also name the newly added roadways as desired.

This important update feature of Traveler keeps your personal databases current and useful for years to come. With RoadBuilder, adding new streets or modifying existing ones is a simple menu-driven process that enables locating, placing and defining new roadway information exactly how you want it.

Point-to-Point Trip Planning with RiteRoute - Using RiteRoute, Traveler’s intelligent automatic route calculation feature, you simply select starting and ending points using your mouse, then click on the "Calculate" function.  RiteRoute does the rest! Detailed step-by-step directions, incremental and total distances, along with travel times are all calculated automatically.

RiteRoute will also layout your journey to your specifications, with options such as shortest distance, least turns or other parameters that you establish. And you can always print out a copy of your travel route for quick reference as you drive to your destination.

Searching Made Easy - To find a location anywhere in the United States all you do is enter any of the following: street address, street name, city or town name, state, zip code, latitude and longitude coordinates, telephone area code or telephone prefix. The powerful search engine will automatically find the location plus additional locations that closely match the search parameters. You don’t even have to enter all the information or the exact name, as Traveler’s "wildcard" feature allows you to search for all locations in a particular area that begin with a certain word or letter. For example, to find all streets in a certain city that start with "Green", simply enter "Green" in the search menu and it will do the rest!

Real-Time Location Plotting with Enhanced GPS Compatibility - Once you’re underway, you can even track your current vehicle location in real-time (requires GPS receiver), to always know where you are. Traveler integrates the GPS function into your travel plans automatically, so no extra steps are needed for your GPS to work with Traveler, other than a simple cable connection (by philippe tchakatou). Quickly and easily upload and download waypoints and tracks to and from your GPS receiver. Traveler is compatible with major NMEA compliant GPS receivers communicating through a physical or virtual COM port.

Solutions for Business or Pleasure - Whatever your requirements, Streets and Traveler provides the tools to tailor maps precisely for your business needs. Import satellite images, terrain details, scanned images, charts and nautical maps for unlimited flexibility. Simple exporting lets you drop customized maps into presentations, web sites or other applications, and advanced printing options guarantee top-quality, professional results.

Enhanced Drawing and Editing Tools - Easy-to-use toolbars and point-and-click features enable any user to create customized maps for special applications. Whether it's highlighting areas on a map or adding custom pushpins, Streets and Traveler can do the job.

Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface - Streets and Traveler's interface includes simple icons and easy-to-understand menu commands that make using the program extremely easy. You don't need to be a GIS or cartographic expert to produce high quality maps or plan trips.

Custom Map Printing  - A wide range of custom printing options lets you create quality map prints in color or black and white for a variety of uses. You can even print large sized wall maps by selecting how many pages you would like the map to be printed on.

Advanced Settings Manager - Control virtually every aspect of your map! Change font sizes, layer control, layer visibility, map colors, and more. You decide what your map will look like.

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  CPU: Pentium 5, 1 GHz or better
  RAM: 1 Gb
  Hard Disk Space: ~1.5 Gb
  CD-ROM: Required
  Mouse: Required
  Display: 800x600, 256Color